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Subjects taught:

Grade 6:

Language Arts

Social Studies

Grade 5:

Social Studies We started the year off with various activities that will allow us to become familiar with the textbook. This included a scavenger hunt, glossary and index activities. We have now moved on to learning about the Ice Age.

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The Grade 6 class has been working hard on our current novel, Island of the Blue Dolphins. It is always a great novel to start the year with and it usually becomes a favorite for the year! We have been doing various activities, including vocabulary, comprehension, literary elements, and more.

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In Math our focus is on decimals numbers. We are comparing, ordering, and working with decimal numbers.

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Diversity of Living Things is our theme in Science. We have learned the characterisits of each branch of the animal kingdom. Classifying was fun, putting classmates into groups according to certain characterisics.
external image Louis_Riel.jpgWe are focusing on 1867 to present in Social Studies. Settling Canada is our next focus.